Saturday, 9 January 2016

Healthy chappathi wrap

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas 

Easy healthy wrap :
3 steps can be done before to avoid morning rush
1. prepare soft chappathi
2.Any type of boiled  pulses of your choice
3.beat curd add finely chopped garlic mix & keep in fridge.
Shred some cabbage,With a peeler, peel carrot and cucumber, don't chop it.
To arrange : Take a chappathi, place vegetables, then sundal, spread curd mixture, sprinkle pepper powder and add little ketchup,then roll the chappathi like a wrap & pack in tiffin.
Your healthy protein rich wrap is ready.

Thanks for sending and sharing the healthy wrap recipe.  
Mrs. Kasana Rasool

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Amina Khaleel said...

healthy and delicious recipe... thanks for sharing...