Monday, 28 May 2012

Bombay Bun Toast

long bun - 1 or few bread slices
egg - 1
milk - 3 tbsp
sugar - 2-3 tbsp
ghee & oil mix - 1 tbsp
Steps to follow:
Cut the long bun into 6-8 small pieces.

In a bowl add milk,sugar and egg, whisk well untill sugar dissolves.

Dip and soak the bun slices in the egg mix for a minute.

In a pan heat ghee oil mix and toast the bun to golden brown colour.

Now yummy bun toast is ready to serve.Babies would love to have this.


Priya said...

Love this yummy toast.

faseela said...

lovely n innovative idea.....yu,mmy

Spice up the Curry said...

mouth watering toast here. nice photos

Mahi said...

Bun French toast? Looks yummmy!

schmetterlingwords said...

Yummy yummy bun toast... Sure to be a hit with babies and kids alike... Thank you for linking this with Healthy Morsels - Baby and Toddler foods :)

hemalata said...

Yummy n delicious looking bun toast.

Shabbu said...

yummy and nice toast...

Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

Jay said...

omg..sooooooooper tempting
Tasty Appetite

Asiya Baig said...

Looks great...perfect for kids!